GENRES: Mystery Hard to Escape/In Love with a Counterfeit Tall Rich Handsome
After waking up from a car accident, the first thing I saw was Yin Li Ying’s handsome face. “It seems like you’re the b****** that ran into me!” He froze for awhile before coldly stating, “I’m your fiance. Yan Xiao, you have amnesia.” I tried to persuade Yin Li Ying that I was a wretched toad that did not deserve him. He sneered and responded, “Even you if had wings and become a swan, you would still not be able to escape. Not to mention a toad.&rd
Qidian Divine Emperor of the Nine Domains
With the strongest physique between heaven and earth, I was reborn in a small family, with the strongest noble body, mysterious and powerful golden god pupil, and then embarked on a road to bombard all kinds of geniuses and evil spirits. Peerless evildoers are all vulnerable in front of Qin Chuan, arrogant to the world, and only me! There are evil spirits in the world, wizards of the sky, magic heads of thousands of years, giant giants in the sky, there are also beautiful ladies, fairies, red bones, viper beauty …
m_augus12 Goblin Plane
What happens when a scientist from 23rd Century Earth reincarnates in the Goblin Plane?A great Goblin Emperor who builds a Goblin Empire and conquers his whole plane and many others, spreading the tales of terror of dark terrible puny creatures in the whole universe!- is a very high possibility. 23rd Century Earth 's common viewpoint is of pursuit of knowledge in rationalism, and this is exactly...
Godloloftme Gay is too OverPower
WhoEver Read Thus Is Gay